50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef. That’s right! Slater’s 50/50, located in Liberty Station (former navy base preserved but transformed into a shopping district), is the place for you if you love bacon! Actually, Slater’s 50/50 is the place for you whether you like bacon, or whether you like to try exotic flavors and nontraditional food items, or even if you prefer your food to be traditional (and they have a gluten free menu!). It’s also for you if you like beer, or if you like sports, or if you like bacon (did I mention that one?). You might be asking how all of this is possible in one restaurant… well Slater’s 50/50 is “burgers by design.” But it’s not just burgers, it’s also milkshakes (with an option to design your own with ingredient options like bacon or pop rocks®), mac&cheese, and other menu items. Mars and I have come here quite a bit. We love this place. The burgers are huge (we always take at least half home with us except this time someone ate my leftover burger! I was so sad when I couldn’t find it in the fridge the next day! I guess that’ll teach me not to label my food…) and the options seem limitless. We so far have only ordered burgers and the mac&cheese as an appetizer. We go when we’re in the mood for hamburgers so we’ve never ventured outside that area on the menu. Maybe next time… but we always say that…

Just one of the preserved barracks at Liberty Station

View from Slater’s: just one of the preserved barracks at Liberty Station

This last time we went, we ordered the jalapeno bacon mac&cheese, two burgers by our own design (I’ve only had the traditional burger patty and Mars always gets the “fire beef”), I got a s’more milkshake, and Mars ordered a beer. The burger is always good, but it’s not the best flavored meat around. It’s not really necessary though, when you have so many toppings to choose from! Their mac&cheese, however, is probably one of the best I’ve had at a restaurant. The jalapeno bacon is topped with a Cheez-it® crust and it just bursts with cheesy-goodness.

burgers & mac

Slaters_The RooOne of the many things that sets Slater’s apart from the typical burger joint (aside from their bacon fetish), is their “burger of the month.” They’re definitely not afraid to try new ideas! For example, for the month of September, they’re serving “The ‘Roo” — 50% ground bacon and 50% kangaroo meat. Unfortunately for you, neither Mars nor I was willing to try it. We are curious though! So if anyone ever has tried this burger or has had kangaroo meat, tell us how it is. We doubt we’ll ever try it, but we want a full description!

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