Koala that is awake and moving

Koala that is awake and moving

Last weekend, Wing and I joined Mars, his girlfriend aptly named Venus, and some friends at the San Diego Zoo‘s Food and Wine Celebration. It’s a tad expensive, but it’s worth it since all proceeds go towards conservation research and it’s just so much fun. The koalas groan and crawl higher into their trees to escape the atrocious humans who have consumed too much alcohol and are either on the prowl for food or are dancing away to the band’s music. (I tried to take a picture of the koala who was actually climbing a tree since it’s such a rarity, but my phone doesn’t do too well at night and I didn’t bother bringing a real camera.) But the animals ought not complain. This party was for them! Humans can’t help but be attracted to lively music, dancing, silent auctions, animal presentations, and of course lots and lots of food, desserts, and alcohol! Vendors and people from all over San Diego came to be a part of this night. So the koalas can just sleep in late the next day if we kept them up past bed time.

Entertainment zpa

Entertainment 1

We hit up a winery booth when we first entered (how could we not? It was right there upon entrance!), then we stopped at a vodka booth that had bottles that were flashing colors (like moths to a light!) where I tried a bit of the red velvet flavor. Then we stopped by numerous pastry booths… so at this point, we have nothing but alcohol and sugar in our bellies. But we headed to the back on purpose. People tend to stop where they see crowds. We moved on until the lines were thin, only stopping for the important things like pretty alcohol bottles and sugary delicacies.


We traveled further until we hit the area known as the Australian Outback (where I saw the koala who was climbing a tree), and there we found what we were looking for — small lines for awesome food. We stopped by El Indio for mini burritos and build-your-own nachos (our first taste of real food for the night!), then we went for some sliders and sweet potato casserole from Ruth’s Chris, grabbed some food from the Monsoon group Indian restaurants (where the ladies got our honorary third eyes), and Slater’s 50/50 where I finally tasted a sampling of the 50/50 burger… mmmm! Then we decided to meander over to the Treehouse and, along the way, we tried a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough which Mars and I loved (but we can’t remember who it was from), while Venus and Wing got shrimp skewers, lobster bisque, smoked oysters, and other supposedly delicious sea food items from various sea food restaurant vendors. Then we found a Popsicle vendor called Viva Pops where Venus and Wing tried the mango orange, I tried the lavender lemonade, and Mars tried the salted caramel. The mango orange and the salted caramel were the hits. The lavender lemonade was good but not like the other two flavors. But now I want to try the other flavors like Mexican chocolate! At the Treehouse, we sampled turkey pot pie from the zoo’s own restaurant, Albert’s, and delicious cookies from an up-coming bakery called The Cravory where I tried their birthday cake cookie and let’s just say, I can’t wait to go to their store when it opens!

Monsoon group booth

There are just too many good things to say about this event, so I’ll end the post by saying that it’s a ton of fun with a huge variety of food and drink tasting! We’ll be going again next year!