I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, even if I haven’t been posting lately. Other blogs that I follow have weekly rotations (for lack of better word) and I really like that idea. For example, some food blogs have Taco Tuesday, some book & literature blogs have Top Ten Tuesday, radio stations (I know a radio station isn’t a blog but their Tuesday rotation is the same concept) have Two-Fer Tuesday or Twin Spin Tuesday. I thought it would be fun to incorporate something like this into Searching For Wow, but I wasn’t sure what. So one night I finally sat down and put my brain to work figuring out what I could do. I decided quickly that Taco Tuesday is out of the question. It’s cliche and I live in San Diego — I don’t need to go on a Harold & Kumar adventure for amazing, authentic tacos. Then I thought about coming up with top ten lists for Tuesdays, but I got stuck. Food just simply doesn’t provide many top ten topics like, say, books, music, or movies do. Then it occurred to me that all of these are for Tuesdays! I will forever be the lover of the underdog, so I couldn’t let this trend continue on my blog! Tuesday is coming down from its pedestal. I had to come up with something different. Even if it’s arguably not “cool,” it’d be my own and that’s all I ask of myself. At this point, I started thinking through the days of the week and their alliterations. My thoughts ran similar to this:


  • Manic Monday – That’s just a song that forced its way into my brain when I thought about M for Monday. It won’t work for my purposes.
  • Moron Monday – No. I’ve been reading too much Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Mini, many, mopey, moped, money, moody, marshmallow, mainly, mangy, medieval, monarch…. ok skipping on to Wednesday


  • Weekly Wednesday – Accurate but not helpful
  • Weird Wednesday – Hmmm could work if I were more creative or daring with food but nah (I could combine Taco Tuesday and Weird Wednesday by eating tacos lenguas, tripas, cabezas, or buche… but it’s me… ew.)
  • Wide, white, woe, working, webby, want, waste… moving on to Thursday


  • Thankful Thursday – A nice sentiment but doesn’t work for my blog
  • Thor, Thoreau – This isn’t a literature blog, remember
  • Theme – Hey this one might work, but will move on to Friday to make sure I’m not missing something blaringly awesome


  • Fire Friday – This one would be fun if only I knew about fire (aside from So Cal’s wildfires…). If I knew about fire, I could do an “Over an open flame Friday,” but I’m a city girl from a place where it doesn’t snow so there’s no need for fireplaces. Therefore I know as much about a campfire or a fireplace as I do about hunting for my meat. After all, my bacon and filet mignon grow on trees and magically appear in pretty cuts and packages for the grocery stores.
  • Frosty, forget, favorite
  • Failure – Hey I like this one! Friday Failures. It could give the blog an honest and lighthearted feel.

So there you have it… my new ideas to (hopefully) keep the blog fresh and entertaining:

Friday Failures – The week’s culinary mishaps &

Themed Thursday (I plan to only do this one every third Thursday of the month) – Themed meals