Over the weekend, KlyRad, Avalanche, and Wing & KlyRad’s sister, whom Wing affectionately named Nerd for the blog, joined Wing and me for lunch. Wing and I introduced them to a place we’d been to before called Ali-Baba. At a previous job, I had some co-workers from various countries in the Middle East and each of them agreed that Ali-Baba is great tasting, authentic Middle Eastern food. The exterior of the restaurant has a colorful mural and the interior is elegantly decorated.

Ali Baba decor

The food itself is a little pricy, but don’t let that stop you from going there. It’s always great quality and they serve huge portions. The pita bread for the hummus is the size of a pizza crust and is served soft and warm, and their hummus is the best in town. We make a point to bring Wing’s mom the leftover hummus and pita bread because she devours them! This time, Wing and I split their chicken kabobs and, between the two of us, we still barely finished it. KlyRad ordered the schwarma with fries, Avalanche ordered chicken tekka, and Nerd ordered the beef kabobs. Everyone loved the food. Of course, the hummus was the huge hit, but everyone was impressed by all the food. Even the picky eater, KlyRad, who was hesitant to go because it was new to him, ended up loving the schwarma. He and Avalanche now want to try making it at home. Unfortunately, I’m still on my perio-diet otherwise, I would have ordered some baklava for dessert. Mmm!

Ali Baba food