I’m still recovering from my mouth surgery and so I’m still on the perio-diet for about another week. Even then, per the doctor, I’m to take it easy and not start right away on chips or foods of that sort. Anyway, just when I was starting to feel like my old self again (I even was lifting weights and cleaning!), I suddenly became super tired and slept all of the next day. I thought I had overdone it, but the following day it became apparent that I had a stomach bug. Yikes! I had a low-grade fever and, well, stomach bug things were happening. Not only could my mouth not eat very well, now my stomach couldn’t eat very well. I can’t drink hot tea yet, nor can I eat crackers or have hot soup so I was limited to apple juice, bread slices very lightly toasted, bananas, and lukewarm Cup Noodles (I always want to say cup of noodles…). On the bright side, I shoved tiny pieces of graham cracker on the non-surgical side of my mouth and I had no bad side-effects either on my mouth or stomach! Add graham crackers to that list!