Wing and Peanut, a husband and wife team, discovered the love of cooking together and often test their creations on Peanut’s ever-willing brother, Mars. If it ‘wows’ him, you know it’s good! All three also enjoy the relaxing pleasures of dining outside the home on the rare occasions when they’re feeling extravagant. The choices, however, are limited by Peanut and Mars because of their picky tendencies. The brother and sister duo seem to have inherited similar tongues – they don’t eat seafood (“it’s like taking days-old trash, blending it into a shake, and having to drink it down” – Mars), they don’t eat mushrooms (“unless it’s the rare white truffle from Italy” – Mars), and they don’t like eating gamey meats (“next time I want to eat quail, remind me that I might as well infuse chicken times twenty with its own flavors, rub it in the ground until it’s covered in dirt and muck, then serve it to myself” – Mars), but the two of them love their sweets! Peanut loves pastries and anything chocolate, dark especially, and Mars loves cotton candy and adding extra caramel to his caramel Frapps. Wing, however, eats mostly anything except mint and marshmallows, much to Peanut’s chagrin (but it allows her to buy mint chocolates and rest peacefully knowing they will not be eaten by the husband!). This blog, Searching for Wow, follows Peanut, Wing, Mars, and their guest tasters on their adventures (or misadventures) to find the food that makes them say, “Wow!”